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                  Vertical Ultrasonic Washing Machine YMXPV

                  The Vertical Ultrasonic Washing Machine is used for washing bottles and containers. It performs the following procedures automatically: bottle conveying, ultrasonic washing, rinsing with air-water alternatively, and bottle outputting.

                  Key Features: 

                  • Vertical turntable structure, clamping bottle with manipulator, turning and washing nozzle tracking motion, high washing efficiency. 
                  • Ultrasonic washing can remove the adherent matter inside the container and outer surface. 
                  • Water level and water temperature automatically controlled, and constant temperature ensures good efficiency of ultrasonic washing. 
                  • All the washing is completed in the sealed zone, which avoids cross contamination and complies with GMP standards. 
                  • Color touch screen panel, speed adjustable. 
                  Technical Parameters: 
                  • Volume: 1~50ML 
                  • Capacity: 100-400pcs/min 
                  • Water consumption: 0.2-0.3Mpa 0.8m3/h 
                  • Air consumption: 0.3Mpa 40m3/h 
                  • Power supply: 220V 50/60Hz 
                  • Power: 15kw 
                  • Net weight: 2400Kg 
                  • Dimension: 2400×2000×1300mm

                  Applicable Industries:

                  • Food
                  • Pharmaceutical
                  • Chemical

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