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                  Vacuum Emulsifying Machine YMZR
                  The Vacuum Emulsifying Machine is specially designed using advanced German technology for cosmetics and ointment production process. It consists of a pretreatment kettle, vacuum emulsifying kettle, vacuum system, hydraulic system, material emptying system, electric control system and working platform. It is especially more effective for preparation and emulsification of high-viscosity host material and materials that contain solid substance.

                  Key Features:

                  • The homogeneous head adopts high-shearing vortex emulsifying mixer.
                  • Slow wall-scraping mixer clings to kettle bottom and kettle wall automatically.
                  • Vacuum material absorption (especially for powder material) can avoid powder dusts rising.
                  • The whole process should be carried out in vacuum condition so that material will not produce air bubbles after rapid-speed mixing, and the process meets sanitary and aseptic requirements.
                  • The system is equipped with a CIP cleaning system.
                  • The machine is made completely in accordance with GMP standards.

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