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                  Paste Filling Machine (high viscosity, low fluidity) YMGT

                  The Automatic Filling Machine (high viscosity, low fluidity) has an improved common filler, mainly for high viscosity, low fluidity products. Different speed grades are available for customized requirements. It can be used as a standalone or connected to other machines as an integral production line.  

                  • Hopper level control
                  • Polycarbonate safety cover
                  • Teflon/Viton/Ceramic contact parts
                  • Special electrical requirements
                  • Sanitary, hazardous, flammable and corrosive environment construction
                  Key Features:
                  • High viscosity (low fluidity) products such as cream, sauce, paste, ointment, glue, lotion, shampoo and oil, etc.
                  • PLC controls, speed adjustable, no container no filling.
                  • Piston pump filling along with auto shut on/off filling nozzles, no leaking and drawing.
                  • Filling nozzles go upwards slowly from the bottom level of bottle towards neck during filling to minimize foaming and spatter.
                  • Filling dose of pumps can be adjusted together, and fine adjustment alone.  
                  • Easy to clean, and no tools are required.
                  Technical Parameters:
                  • Capacity: 40-60pcs/min 60-100pcs/min 100-200pcs/min(customizable)
                  • Air supply: 0.6~0.8mpa
                  • Power supply: 220V 50/60Hz 
                  • Power: 1.0kw 
                  • Net weight: 500kg 
                  • Dimension: 2400×800×1800mm

                  Applicable Industries:

                  • Food
                  • Pharmaceutical
                  • Cosmetic
                  • Chemical

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