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                  How to use the powder packaging machine correctly

                  How to use the powder packaging machine correctly?

                  Powder packaging machine greatly improves the production efficiency of enterprises, reduce the inefficiency of semi-automatic, become the choice of medicine, food, chemical and other related industries.

                   The use method of the powder packaging machine is described as follows:

                  1.To place the powder packaging machine stable, check whether the parts are loose, boot temperature is normal.

                  2. Use the manual and follow the correct instructions to prepare the machine before starting.

                  3. Accord to that material of the packaging bag, and adjust the heating temperature to a corresponding value.

                  4. The packaging speed and bag making length are digitally set by the packaging machine controller.

                  5. The heat sealer body adopts four-way heating control, and the heat sealing temperature can be set in advance to ensure good heat balance and tight sealing of the bag mouth.

                  6. Automatically print the batch number of the packaged finished product and or date of production.

                  7.An easy tear cut can be added on each bag of package products, which is convenient for consumers to use.

                  8.On the display screen of the packaging machine controller, the packaging speed and production can be visually displayed when the machine is running.

                  Powder filling production line applies to packaged food powder categories: powder, puffing powder, rice flour, cooking powder, wheat flour, starch, solid beverage, enzyme powder, flour, starch, seasoning powder, spice powder, vegetable powder, spice powder, soy milk powder, peanut powder, chili powder, baking powder, baking soda, soda, curry powder Milk powder 

                  Powder filling production line applies to the packaging chemical powder category: cement powder, pigment powder, coating powder, talcum powder, lime powder, extinction powder, fluorescent powder

                  When we use the powder packaging machine, pay more attention to the above methods of use can be.

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