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                  Introduction of Oil Liquid Filling Machine

                    Edible Oil Filling Machine adopts flowmeter filling, PLC program controller automatically tracks the change of oil temperature and density, and adjusts oil delivery at any time to reduce the error caused by the change of temperature and density, and improve the measurement accuracy.Filling a variety of edible oils, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, salad blend oil, sesame oil, olive oil and so on.Vacuum oil suction device to ensure that the nozzle will not drip oil in the production process. Filling speed can be divided into two kinds of speed adjustment (first fast and then slow), flow can be adjusted arbitrarily to prevent liquid foam overflow. Convenient and quick operation, it is an ideal automatic production equipment for small package oil. The automatic edible oil fill machine has that following characteristic:

                  1. The filling control system is more accurate and reliable by using high-precision flowmeter and high-precision pulse generator, programmable control PC and color touch screen.

                  2. All control and setting operations are visually displayed on the touch screen, and the operation is convenient;

                  3. Electrical coordination, supporting components are well-known brands at home and abroad, to ensure stable and reliable operation of the whole machine. 

                  4. A leakage-proof fill head and a vacuum sucking device ensure that a production workshop and package finished products are not polluted. 

                  5. Fast and slow filling, which can ensure full speed filling during fast and fast filling, and can effectively solve the phenomenon of foam overflow bottle caused by excessive pump pressure and fast filling;

                  6. Any filling head can be switched on or off on the touch screen. If there is any fault, it can be switched off directly without affecting the normal use of other filling heads. 

                  7. Adopt single pump and single frequency conversion control, free conversion of two metering modes of volume and quality, convenient and fast filling and adjustment.

                  8. The pump body adopts stainless steel integrated structure, which is more in line with the national health requirements.

                  9. Each filling head has single head and single power, and is filled according to the flow rate of the pipe diameter, so the filling is fast. 

                  10. The rotary encoder replaces the traditional pulse generator, which has strong anti-interference ability, stable operation of the whole machine and high filling accuracy. 

                  11. Fast and low-speed adjustment realizes frequency conversion of frequency converter, which is convenient for customers to fill various materials.

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