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                  Contact Us

                  • Tel: +86-21-59169029
                    E-mail: yiman@fillingmachineplant.com
                    Wechat: +86-15002176165
                    Add: No.1239 Waiqian Hwy, Jiading, Shanghai, China.


                  Automatic Filling Capping Machine YMGXL

                  The Automatic Filling Capping Machine is our conventional filling capping machine suitable for a variety of round and specific bottles and containers. Optional filling methods such as steel pump, glass pump, ceramic pump and peristaltic pump, etc., and optional capping for different sized caps.

                  Key Features:
                  • Easy to operate: bottle feeding, filling, capping, cap screwing/sealing and output all finished automatically.
                  • PLC controls, no bottle no filling and no capping.
                  • Adjustable torque lossless magnetic force slipping chuck head, no damage to bottle and cap.
                  • Safety shields with interlock access door.
                  • Complies with GMP requirements.
                  Technical Parameters:
                  • Capacity: 40-60pcs/min 60-100pcs/min 100-200pcs/min
                  • Power supply: 220V/380V 50/60Hz 
                  • Power: 1.2kw 
                  • Net weight: 650kg 
                  • Dimension: 2400×1000×1700mm

                  Applicable Industries:

                  • Food
                  • Pharmaceutical
                  • Chemical

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