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                  Bottle Air Rinser YMXPA

                  The Bottle Air Rinser is used to automatically remove dust, dirt and other foreign matter. Its dual action nozzles first blows high pressure air into the container to dislodge dust and debris and then vacuums the dust and debris from the inside of the container. It frees dust and dirt through ionized air to neutralize any static electricity that may be on the containers, guaranteeing an elevated cleaning process.


                  • Ionizer power unit 
                  • Polycarbonate safety guards 
                  • Easily cleanable waste reservoir 
                  Key Features: 
                  • High pressure air rinsing and highly efficient vacuuming at the same time. 
                  • Wide range adjustment, can handle most container shapes including: round, square, rectangular, oval, tapered, F-style, etc. with few or no change parts. 
                  • PLC controls, speed adjustable, no container no cleaning. 
                  • Dirt is discharged from vacuum pipe, no circulate and no pollution. 
                  Technical Parameters: 
                  • Capacity: 100pcs/min (customizable) 
                  • Air supply: 0.6-0.8Mpa 
                  • Power supply: 220V 50/60Hz 
                  • Power: 0.5kw 
                  • Net weight: 400Kg
                  • Dimension: 2000×800×1600mm

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